About the Incubatenergy Network

The Incubatenergy Network is a consortium of clean energy focused incubators across the country that have supported over 500 companies to date and have a significant future pipeline. The success of companies supported by Incubatenergy Network members is represented by their metrics.


Funding & Revenue

More than $1 billion in funding and $330 million in revenue.


Economic Impact

Nearly 3,000 direct jobs, with over 500,000 clean energy jobs in the Midwest.


Mentors and Stakeholders

More than 500 mentors and strong connections with industry.


Acceptance Rates

Around a 10% acceptance rate for companies indicates a highly selectve group.


InnoEnergy logo

The Incubatenergy Network and InnoEnergy in Europe are partnering to explore the value of sharing company referrals across the two geographical regions, beginning to create a “network of networks” for extending coordination among energy innovation ecosystems around the world.