June 1, 2016

Our second best practices report is now available, and you can download the entire whitepaper here! The report highlights the great work that incubators in the network are doing to support commercialization of innovative clean energy solutions. In addition to specific case study examples of companies scaling to commercialization, the report highlights collective metrics of success for incubators in the network including:

  • Support for over 350 companies
  • Companies have raised more than $1 billion in funding
  • Collectively they generate revenues of over $330 million
  • Finally, companies employ close to 3,000 people directly

Learn more in the full report about how Incubatenergy Network members are serving as critical commercialization centers for innovative clean energy solutions, connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need to more quickly scale and deploy. Collaboration and collective effort are strengthening the overall U.S. clean energy ecosystem, making the network more valuable than its individual parts. The result is a growing group of companies that have been extensively vetted, guided, and supported—increasingly by more than one network member—to collectively offer the best possible clean energy deal flow in the nation.

Promising U.S. companies are bringing to market technologies and ideas of potential global import for mitigating climate change by managing energy use, increasing efficiency, increasing renewable energy deployment, accelerating adoption of electric vehicles, promoting distributed resources, modernizing grid infrastructure, and supporting other clean energy objectives.

Check out the full report about how incubators in the network are supporting innovative clean energy companies including Accio Energy, AllCell Technologies, Altaeros, Bidgely, Chai Energy, Energy Storage Systems, Go Electric, Ibis Networks, Ideal Power, NBD Nano, Skyspecs, United Wind, and more.

For example, AllCell Technologies employs innovative phase-change materials for thermal management in batteries and other equipment. Currently, the company is participating in an EPRI research project on thermal energy storage applications. Bidgely recently raised $16 million and is participating in EPRI research on non-intrusive load monitoring. Chai Energy recently was named one of the winners of a California Demand Response Auction Mechanism award for its innovative approach to increasing grid-edge flexibility. The company uses smart meter data and a simple mobile app to help customers manage energy use.

NBD Nano makes novel materials and coatings and is currently working on a utility pilot program to test its super-hydrophobic coating for improving heat transfer efficiency in steam condensation systems. SkySpecs recently raised $3 million to support commercialization of its collision avoidance and other innovations for automated drone inspection. The founders were named to the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing and as a result of contacts with EPRI are currently working to conduct pilot test programs with several utilities.

Read more about these companies and many others in the full report!