Network Resources for Clean Energy Entrepreneurs

Hi, entrepreneur! Welcome to the Incubatenergy Network site. The Incubatenergy Network is a community of U.S. clean energy incubators supporting entrepreneurs driving innovation in the industry. The network connects to share best practices, support clean energy entrepreneurs, and ultimately help facilitate a smoother transition to a more sustainable clean energy economy.

Entrepreneurs are the most important piece of this puzzle, as you have the clean technologies to bring to market. We feel that with the help of our robust network of incubators and key industry stakeholders, you will be well armed to take on the challenge of commercializing your technology.


There are many critical resources a clean energy entrepreneur needs (the timing of which they are needed can be just as important). These resources include, but are not limited to, a successful team, capital, partners, and access to resources. We'd like to help point you in the right direction.

Please start by navigating our national asset map to find an incubator specializing in your technology or region to get the conversation started. You can also use the map to locate resources, stakeholder organizations, and facilities that may help you in your quest.

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David Robinson of Innosys, Inc. demonstrates his technology to an attendee at the 2015 NREL Industry Growth Forum.