2018 Bay Area Battery Summit: Building Better Batteries

October 10, 2018

  • Conference Series

    The Bay Area Battery Summit conference series brings together technologists and entrepreneurs driving energy storage innovation. At the 2015 Summit we examined how policy and the ecosystem could drive rapid deployment of transformative technologies. Now back for its fourth consecutive year, the 2018 Bay Area Battery Summit will take an in-depth look at lithium/cobalt technologies, their societal impact, and how new, emerging technologies could help in "building better batteries."

    Co-organized by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and California Clean Energy Fund’s CalCharge program , this one-day summit will explore:

    • Lithium/Cobalt Technologies and their Societal Impact
    • New and Emerging Technologies, including Low-Cobalt and Cobalt-Free Battery Technology
    • Recycling and Materials Developments
    • Policy Support to Speed Progress and Technology Adoption
    • Lessons Learned from the Evolution of the Silicon industry from SiGe and GaAs to CMOS platforms
    • Marketplace Challenges and Opportunities
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  • Hosted By

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory