Energy Systems Integration Facility

  • Facility Description: The Energy Systems Integration Facility (or ESIF) is the nation's premier facility for research, development, and demonstration of the components and strategies needed to optimize our entire energy system. It was established in 2013 by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, on the campus of its National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is a designated U.S. Department of Energy user facility.
  • Technology Sectors Supported: Distributed Energy, Energy Storage, Green Buildings, Information & Communication Tech, Power Generation, Smart Grid, Transportation & Mobility
  • Special Equipment/Services: Research Infrastructure Hardware-in-the-loop at megawatt-scale power Research Electrical Distribution Bus Thermal distribution bus Fuel distribution buses Supervisory control and data acquisition system Fixed equipment and resources Specialized laboratories
  • Availability: If you would like to partner with NREL at the Energy Systems Integration Facility, fill out a Project Summary FormPDF and email it to Dr. Martha Symko-Davies, NREL's energy systems integration business development director. NREL will review your project summary for alignment with NREL/Energy Systems Integration Facility capabilities and contact you to discuss potential partnership mechanisms.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Martha Symko-Davies, Ph.D.
15013 Denver W Pkwy
Golden , CO 80401

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