Advanced Prototyping Center

  • Facility Description: The LaKretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) Advanced Prototyping Center, comprises 17,000 square feet of digital prototyping, electronics lab, wet lab, wood shop, metal shop, welding & cutting, 3D printing, assembly space and more. The center is open to LACI portfolio companies and offers individual and community memberships for non-portfolio companies. It provides inventors, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, builders, artists, scientists, and hobbyists with an all-in-one┬áprototyping facility so they can get to market faster, at lower cost, and with less risk.
  • Technology Sectors Supported: Agriculture, Chemicals & Advanced Materials, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Green Buildings, Information & Communication Tech, Power Generation, Transportation & Mobility, Waste, Water
  • Special Equipment/Services: 3D Printing Lab, Wireless Lab, Wet Laboratory, Core Laboratory, Metal Center, Air & Vacuum, Storage Area, Material Movement Space, CNC Machining, Precision Water Jet, Prototype Data Acquisition, Prototype Demonstration Space, Robotics Center
  • Availability: The Prototyping Center offers three membership levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


525 South Hewitt Street
Los Angeles , CA 90013

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