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The network has supported more than 500 companies to date and has a significant pipeline. Below are some of the companies supported by the network.

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Accio Energy’s EHD wind energy system generates electricity using wind and charged water mist.

Develops advanced energy storage and management systems to meet the growing demand for renewable energy.

Low-cost noise-abatement technology for marine environments.

Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing, Inc. (“AVM”) builds ready-for-service, all-electric buses for customers who need to move people cleanly, quietly, and cost-effectively.

A platform that decodes critical and disparate energy data and enables utilities to reach and engage its core business customers. Agentis Energy empowers utilities with breakthrough technology.

Solution for recycling industrial waste streams into structural grade lightweight concrete aggregate; eliminating the need to landfill harmful waste materials.

All Cell Technologies designs, manufactures and assembles lithium-ion batteries for the energy storage system (ESS) and light electric vehicle (LEV) markets.


Breakthrough airborne wind turbine that produces abundant, low-cost, renewable energy.

Hardware and softwarer buildings and enterprise IOT, automating the way individuals interact with access control and enterprise systems.

While flywheel technology has been around for centuries, Amber Kinetics has evolved the concept by combining multiple breakthrough technologies with low-cost rotors that are made of 98% steel. The result is a flywheel that provides safe, economical, utility-scale energy storage. Amber Kine

Ambri (formerly Liquid Metal Battery Corporation) is developing an electricity storage solution that will change the way electric grids are operated worldwide.

AMF Nano supplies next generation, real-time remote monitoring and control systems to create internets of integrated assets.

Sensing technology that can save millions in energy costs during specialty metals manufacturing.

AMPY is the smallest wearable energy storage device on the market, allowing users to charge their portable devices through movement.

Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC, is engaged in the development and commercialization of technologies that reduce peak energy demand at the point of use.

Reinventing laundry. AquaFresco is reinventing the cleaning market with its breakthrough wastewater recycle system.

The Aquanta retrofittable water heater controller brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it.

Arborlight offers the appeal of a skylight with the convenience of a fixture.

Arcimoto's revolutionary vehicle brings affordable, ultra-efficient electric driving to the masses.

Underground Fault Detection Systems

Atom Power makes digitally controlled, purely solid-state circuit breakers and distribution equipment for a dynamic, intelligent power system that is intuitive, easy, and safer; all with the tap of a finger.

AutoGrid Systems analyzes the exponentially expanding wave of data being generated by smart meters, building management systems, thermostats and other equipment so utilities can obtain insight into where power is going.

Produces wind and solar powered robotic boats that collect data from the oceans at low cost with zero emissions.

Avalon Battery develops, manufactures and delivers advanced rechargeable battery-based energy storage systems.

Avisare is a cloud-based software procurement platform with an RFP bidding engine.

Ayyeka’s remote monitoring solutions enable cyber-secure, plug-and-play smart infrastructure.

Bandwagon is a taxi-sharing platform that allows users to identify other cab riders traveling in the same direction, so they can efficiently carpool, save cash, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Bandwagon is optimizing the taxi-hailing experience by turning taxi rides into shared rides – saving time, money, and gasoline. In urban centers around the world, taxis and other for-hire vehicles are organized around the transportation of individual passengers.

All Buildings should be Smart Buildings. Our Wise Building (WiseBldg) platform is affordable and works with any existing loads to make any building smart, no matter the size or age.

Bidgely tells homeowners how much energy each appliance uses by extracting energy signatures – without lots of hardware sensors.

Binishells’ mission is to provide affordable construction that drastically reduces the impact on our environment while improving the quality and nature of our communities.

BioInspira harnesses biology to transform modern industry infrastructure by providing low cost and highly accurate interconnected sensor networks for chemical leak detection.

LED solutions that enable a cheaper, simpler way to deploy both energy efficient lighting and IoT hardware through existing light sockets.

Blue Pillar is the leading Energy Network of Things provider for distributed energy networks.

über advanced MPPT Solar Charge controllers that provide the power you need when you need it most.  

Blyncsy anonymously captures and visualizes data on the habits and trends of the real world. Through our Smart City sensor and traffic platform.

Boronite is an advanced materials company manufacturing Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) in continuous yarn and tape formats.

Bractlet accurately forecasts savings from energy efficiency projects allowing for more projects to get funded and executed.

BrightBox Technologies develops and markets advanced HVAC controls for large commercial buildings. Acquired by NEXTracker.

Bright Light Systems integrates advanced LED and Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology with wireless capabilities and an energy management platform to provide up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market.

Bright Power provides energy and water management solutions for portfolio owners and developers, saving them energy, water, money and time.

Buoy Labs is an innovator in smart products for managing the water in your home.

An accredited marketplace for climate change investors and entrepreneurs. A full-service global investment marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs, addressing climate change solutions

Ramping up commercial production of a disruptive very high capacity Silicon-Carbon composite lithium battery anode material.

Intelligent water meters for the smart grid.

Providing Carbon Capture Solutions To Industry

We’re an actively managed energy service, engineering a sophisticated mix of proprietary software and strategies to unlock the hidden returns in your existing equipment and deliver a dependable source of ongoing revenue.

Aerial spectroscopy to help farmers efficiently allocate resources.

Chaac manufactures and operates patent-pending atmospheric water generation (AWG) platforms to supply an abundance of renewable hydropower into energy grid networks while outputting clean and potable water for human consumption and other uses.

Empowering consumers to understand and reduce their home energy usage through a free mobile app.

A sustainable waste recovery/recycling process carving a niche in the recycling marketplace.

CivicSolar accelerates the adoption of solar power through our role as the most efficient and responsive distributor in the solar industry.

Columbia Green produces engineered vegetative roofs that dynamically manage stormwater runoff.

ConnectDER produces UL-listed utility equipment that turns the electric power meter socket on a customer’s home into a standardized interconnection point for solar PV and other distributed energy resources (DERs).

Beautiful modern green homes for half the price. Delivered anywhere.

Smart, hands-free EV charging.

Commercializing and innovating air-moving paradigm using patented and patent-pending Kinetic Cooling technologies for electronics cooling.

CSD Nano specializes in leading-edge nano coatings that increase the efficiency of solar modules.

A one-stop-shop for purchasing and leasing EVs and chargers, featuring THE EV DEAL BUILDER; a car shopping app that gets you the lowest EV, plug-in hybrid and hybrid offers available.

Datakwip builds on the foundations of energy management by capturing your existing data and converting that data into energy and cost saving opportunities.

Developer of an airplane de-icing technology.

Provides an all-in-one solution to energy management that integrates the energy source, the battery's control system and the application process.

DSM is a multinational science-based company focused on health, alternative energy and bio-based materials.

Dynamo sells advanced, fuel flexible gas turbines which generate heat and power for the oil and gas industry.

Our patented technology embraces hybrid lighting with a holistic approach, providing blended, balanced daylight.

A new electrode treatment technology designed to extend the life of redox flow batteries.

EcNow Tech is a developer of innovative, plant-based, compostable packaging.

Ecogy Solar develops C&I solar projects and deploys private capital to help businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and utilities reduce energy costs.

Vertically integrated farms comprising closed-loop systems to produce healthy food, pure water, and renewable energy using only 2% of land of conventional farms.

Renewable, environmentally benign, formaldehyde-free adhesives for composite wood products.

Edisun Heliostats develops very low cost concentrated solar power with built-in storage using rocks as a storage medium.

JuiceBox residential and commercial EV charging stations ensure affordable and reliable charging of your electric vehicle. Charge your EV faster.

EnergyRM’s “negawatt” meter provides cost-effective measurement of energy efficiency.

Energy Storage Systems produces an all iron flow battery.

Decentralized, highly scalable & secure SAAS middleware enabling sustainable energy solutions for Electric Vehicles, Buildings & Micro-Grids.

envi is the only GreenBizLa certified on-demand car detailing service which uses 99.92% less water, creates zero run off and empowers the deaf community.

EP purification manufacturers novel and environmentally-sound systems for the purification of water and air.

EV-Box is the European Market leader in Electric Vehicle charging points, delivering high-quality, American-made equipment and smart software for parking garages, workplaces, and homes for U.S. customers.

EverCharge provides intelligent EV solutions for high-occupancy situations such as apartments, condos, workplaces, and city fleets. 

An airborne wind energy system delivers up to 4X the power of comparable renewable energy systems.

Extensible Energy delivers market insights and advanced technology solutions for utilities, solar companies, and energy customers.

HVAC Monitoring System and Technology

Fabriq is a Building Internet of Things (B-IoT) company that has been developing cloud-based, wireless lighting control and Energy Intelligence technology for commercial buildings for the past 3 years.

Fentrend helps architects, developers, and general contractors find and compare windows & doors with ease. Fentrend's analytics platform recommends the best products for project specifications and budget, while opening a new, low-cost sales channel for suppliers.

Develops a fuel nozzle to improve jet-engine efficiency, fuel economy, and dafety by incorporating integrated plasma in the combustion process.

Flipswitch is building software to help local installers sell more solar, starting with a simple and interactive proposal.

Focusing energy from the sun to kill bacteria and break down chemicals in soil and water run-off.

Formology sources quality raw materials to transform them into high-value architectural products.

A commercialized energy storage platform for the mobile power market using second-life electric vehicle batteries.

FreeWire creates a bridge, giving more control over when power is extracted, stored, and delivered.

Geli’s end-to-end software platform streamlines the energy storage development process, offering the industry’s only solution for design, automation, and management.

Provides software and business solutions to design, connect, and operate energy storage and microgrid systems.

Manages a platform to commercialize a solvent-based biomass conversion that delivers cost-disruptive production of specialty and commodity drop-in chemicals.

Go Electric provides customer side of the meter solutions by integrating renewables, generators, batteries and advanced software to provide energy security and grid stability.

Go Smart Solar is working on a community solar project with an innovative business model.

Disrupting Commuting and Mobility by offering a synergistic model of all electric vanpooling, car sharing and fleet replacement services

Solar project design software using freelancers to speed up and reduce project costs.

Our mission is to research and develop cleaning products that are high performing, safe and non-toxic.

Developing major components to smart-cities infrastructure by streamlining containerized freight transportation connecting ships, trains and trucks while reducing air pollution and traffic congestion through a 3-pronged solution.

Grove is powering the urban farming revolution with a web-connected sensor and control system that automates any indoor growing environment.

Grow Plastics micro-engineers materials to reduce material requirements by up to 70%, making products less expensive, lighter, and better for the environment.

GrubTubs Inc. is dedicated to reconnecting communities with local family farms. Our job is to repurpose the food waste coming from restaurants and grocery stores into nutrient rich animal feed that is affordable for the local farmer.

Heila Technologies is committed to accelerating the adoption of renewable and distributed energy resources, by simplifying the installation and operation of intelligent microgrids.

Helix Power is building next generation advanced flywheels for megawatt-scale power burst management.

Designs and develops large-scale energy storage solutions for utility and distributed power systems.

Manufactures high performance, energy efficient Plasma and LED lights for Entertainment, Architecture, Sports and Science.

HM3 Energy converts biomass into clean fuel that can replace coal in many power plants.

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) is developing a software solution that advances energy planning decision making and reduces climate risk through scenario development and analysis.

Bringing computational firepower to solar system design.

Ibis Networks provides a secure, scalable platform for Plug Load management and device health monitoring.

Igor offers a proprietary power-over-Ethernet intelligent LED lighting solution for commercial buildings, enabling unprecedented control for building owners, tenants, and utility programs aiming to aggregate distributed resources.

Dedicated to building solar brands through tribe-building content marketing, website design and bold PR and marketing campaigns.

Database platform and high definition analytics to help solve grid challenges.

Indow produces specialized, affordable, environmentally responsible thermal window inserts.

Not just hot water, smart water. Residential modular, scalable tankless water heating systems designed to save water and energy.

World leader in wastewater heat recovery technology. IWS designs and develops renewable energy systems that extract thermal energy from wastewater.

Inventev delivers mobile power generation using an innovative Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) commercial truck architecture.

IOTAS is the smart home experience designed specifically for renters.

A triple bottom line social enterprise combining best practices in e-waste management with training and employment for previously incarcerated Angelenos.

IT Aire provides high-efficiency precision cooling systems and services for data rooms.

We are enabling this hydrogen fuel cell market by developing and providing safe and cost-effective fueling solutions.

JR Thermal develops novel technologies for heat transfer and thermal energy.

Juicer makes faster, more powerful electric bikes in a classic style.

Creates products that track the energy usage of commercial buildings and tailors consumption to their demand.

High efficiency hybrid drive train platforms utilize stored hydraulic energy to boost efficiency.

Mapping the grid to enable data-driven decision making.

Kunoa believes that whenever possible the food eaten in Hawaii should be born, raised, and processed here.

Strengthen the solar industry by increasing transparency, improving investment decision-making, and enabling efficient risk management.

Manage your consolidated portfolio data all in one place; Validate reported data through dozens of test parameters. Track production and financial trends against underwriting model; Quantify the impact of weather for every asset, even without pyranometers

Intelligent authentication that identifies users in the background, and only launches 2FA when there is risk.

Leaptran develops AI-driven distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS) for buildings and utility-scale microgrids.

Wirelessly network and control all lights used for film and theatrical lighting, enabling the greater adoption of energy-saving LED lights and dramatically improving the workflow on a film set or stage.

Infrared-Sensing Devices for Energy Efficiency

Local Roots designs, builds, deploys and operates the world’s most productive indoor farming solutions.

We provide a hardware-enabled service to help landfills harvest energy from the trash.

Renewable energy systems based on in-conduit hydropower technology.

Life-Changing Lighting, Energy & Technology Solutions - We help our partners transform their properties to make them healthier, safer, and more appealing and profitable.

An innovative compact light engine system with industry-leading efficacy.

M3 Wave Energy’s fully-submerged ocean power device converts wave energy to electricity.

Maalka is an open, scalable platform for managing people, analytics, and communications across data-driven sustainability programs.

Algae Biofuel Technology

MeteoViva provides smart predictive capabilities to existing static building management systems to reduce energy use by an average of 25%.

MeterGenius is the complete customer engagement solution for electricity providers that increases customer satisfaction and decreases energy consumption by leveraging smart technologies to change the way residential customers think about electricity.

Aggregates real-time traffic data from silo-ed sources, applies analytics, and publishes actionable information.

Specializes in the fast synthesis of titania nanotubes for filtration, photocatalytic and other related applications.

Glide is Mogol’s route aware fuel economy system. Instead of changing the mechanics of a vehicle, Glide changes how it is driven.

Upgrade that old-school AC unit with Momit Cool

Morton Gestalt is working on a project called Talking Walls, a smart platform that gives engineers and architects a feedback loop for the energy efficiency measures they design.

Mosaic makes it easy to go solar and maximize your savings.

Developing a multispectral infrared camera system to visualize and quantify methane leaks from natural gas infrastructure in real-time.

NBD Nano creates unique and customized materials that manage and control the interaction of water with a wide variety of surfaces.

Develops and deploys advanced materials to solve energy problems.

NETenergy makes a thermal energy storage system that stores thermal energy at night to offset peak air conditioner usage.

Helps solar project developers and contractors by decreasing the complexity to design, install and operate commercial, industrial and utility-scale systems.

Improve solar project economics with an all-terrain solar tracking system driven by intelligent controls.

NewGrid develops decision support software for electric power transmission system operators to minimize congestion by routing power around congested areas.

New Sky Energy is an award-winning clean chemistry company.

Makes pneumatics more efficient and air leak detection products that can recycle compressed air in non-actuated systems.

A breakthrough anaerobic digestion process for waste with 60-80% solids while minimizing wastewater production.

Nnergix is a data mining and energy forecasting service designed by renewable energy industry professionals. Our services are provided as customized solutions obtaining unbeatable accuracy results.

The SunCooler is a solar-powered air management system for commercial and industrial buildings.

NovoMoto is a Sustainable Social Enterprise that aims to provide clean, renewable, and sustainable electricity to communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Developed a method for storing gases that is more efficient and safer than traditional compression, and less energy intensive.

Building natural gas compression into automotive engines that will enable refueling anywhere.

A state of the art platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that manages electric car charging stations.

Developing a novel Aluminum-Seawater Reactor with the potential for disruptive impact for undersea power generation.

Opus 12 co-founders, Etosha, Kendra, and Nicholas, bonded over their mutual interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and teamed up to develop their research on carbon dioxode utilization into an economically viable process.

Opus One Solutions provides software featuring a real-time operating system for the smartgrid, including situational awareness, supervisory control, and system optimization.

Opus One Solutions provides software featuring a real-time operating system for the smartgrid, including situational awareness, supervisory control, and system optimization.

Oroeco is creating a fun and rewarding way to track how your personal values intersect with everyday spending, investment, and lifestyle decisions.

A quantum dot company that reduces the cost of LED lighting and displays.

PastureMap - Grazing management app that drives profitability.

Home Certification System - Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party certification of high-performing homes: homes with performance assets that make them healthy, comfortable, and energy and water efficient.

Our mission: IoT for safety, wellness and sustainability. We help build new revenues and businesses for the Internet of Things with our award-winning white label solution.

Perception Robotics develops touch-and-vision-based sensing solutions for modern industrial robots and next-generation assistive robots.

A simple, trusted way for homeowners to go solar. Below market-value bids and in-depth analysis provided to homeowners at no charge.

Measure, Model, and Simulate the Impact of Energy Initiatives Before You Invest Know which 20% of locations will provide 80% of your returns so you can target and prioritize investments by site.

We offer a 200+ point checklist for greening your home, including: diagnostics and optimization on major appliances to keep them running smoothly and efficiently; maintenance including cleaning of dryer vents and refrigerator condenser coils, and much more;

Easily deployable and re-deployable solar systems

Uses proprietary technology platform to develop, finance and manage the world’s most bankable and advanced solar microgrids.

Applying the “smart phone dividend” to deliver 3D sensor based conductive autonomous fast-charging for Autonomous Vehicles and eMobility.

Computer controlled partially prefabricated wall framing. The fastest, cheapest, easiest way to build, saving 4M trees every year.

ProjectEconomics provides software solutions for the management of billing and operations of community solar to utilities, energy retailers and large solar developers.

Puralytics produces photochemical technology for water purification.

Patented process that installs a cross-link polymer into existing turf, at root level, which reduces irrigation requirements by 50%.

Providing pavement and road signal inspection with incident mapping for smart cities and road transport data navigation networks.

Plug IcePoint™ into existing or new build freezer systems to boost performance via supplemental cooling. Operational Flexibility. Buy energy cheap, store it, then optimize its use via bursts of high capacity cooling or peak energy avoidance.

Recurrent Innovative Solutions partners with commercial and industrial real estate owners to improve financial and operating performance of their properties with turnkey energy and water efficiency projects.

Solar Charging Stations & More

The leading consumer brand in eco-friendly tableware. Repurpose products are 100% made from plants, non-toxic, renewable and compostable - a sustainable and affordable alternative to single use plastic products. Welcome to a cleaner world.

Delivering innovative energy solutions for the small commercial market.  

Cleaner Heat Exchangers

RideScout is a technology platform that aggregates public, private and social rideshare on its free iOS and Android apps, allowing people to search and compare ground transportation options on demand and in real time. Acquired by Moovel.

Dedicated to creating an Interconnected Urban Landscape (IUL) where we can all move freely, quickly, safely and with ease.

RUTE Foundations are an anchored beam footing created specifically for utility scale wind turbines, reducing the environmental impacts, logistics, and the cost of high mass foundations.

Introducing The Clean Energy Factor - energy information system to report when electric power is cleaner.

Saya's "AQUACERO" monitors water usage and prevents damage and waste caused by leaks and frozen pipes.

Sealed makes it easy for homes to be more energy efficient while guaranteeing savings for the homeowner. Sealed will implement the right energy saving measures, and then combine your gas, electric and oil bill into one Sealed bill.

Patented INVELOX wind delivery system captures, concentrates, accelerates, and harvests wind power in a funnel at ground level.

ShelterWorks is a manufacturer of Faswall, a building block system made from recycled wood chips.

We can integrate into energy management systems or enable custom web based administration applications so you can control your dispatchable fleet as needed. We also provide real time dashboards to monitor your fleet's performance and have a comprehensive participant support portal to ensur

Software platform that supports the entire solar workflow, from lead to financing

Reinventeing the traffic sign. Our patent pending software warns drivers of upcoming hazard, such as dangerous intersections, unofficial pedestrian.

Promoting sustainability in the aviation sector by changing fuel use behaviors

A non-flammable and cost-effective system-level solution to the world’s most energy-dense Li-ion electrode materials.

Advanced energy materials to power your mobile life. Developing the next generation of lithium-ion batteries for faster, more efficient charging.

Guardian, SkySpecs' flagship product, is a seamless co-pilot that takes over flight control when an obstacle is nearby or a collision is imminent.

“Smart” Resilience & Risk Management Platform for Government & Enterprise - to help ‘pro-actively’ understand, communicate and reduce risks from wide range of external threats.

Reduce the cost and improve the diversion rates of your Household Hazardous Waste facility immediately upon engaging Smarter Sorting.

Fitbit for Farms

Uses technologies to dramatically improve the efficiency of electric motors.

Solar Analytics provides solar and energy data, performance and analysis for residential home owners.

Solar Analytics provides solar and energy data, performance and analysis for residential home owners.

Information technology for solar sales and installation businesses to profitably operate and scale their sales and operations.

PATHION has acquired the assets of Spider9, ensuring uninterrupted support for all of Spider9 customers and a strong product roadmap.

Spirae Wave™ serves as a DERMS platform for electric distribution operators to reliably operate their systems with high penetrations of renewable energy, storage, electric vehicles, and flexible loads.

SPLT is an enterprise-first ridesharing platform that connects employees within organizations to share their commute.

Stem pairs artificial intelligence with energy storage to help organizations and utilities optimize the timing of energy use.

STORM REGEN® technology is pioneering the way to more effective, eco-friendly stormwater solutions.

Pioneering the use of biochar from forest waste as a filter media for storm water management.

Operates a quick, fun service for companies and consumers to analyze rooftops and the solar power potential of the roof.

The Field Nutrient Sensor™ enables field measurement of nitrate levels in agricultural soil.

SweetSense provides sensors & software to monitor water, sanitation, energy, & rural infrastructure

Swiftly makes data-driven software applications that improve urban mobility.

Seamless and connected urban mobility

SwiftMile is an innovative “first and last-mile” solution to public commuting. They are creating solar powered charging stations for “PETs” (Portable Electric Transporters).

Switched Source has developed a power flow control device that allows utilities to manage the flow of power on the distribution grid. This is a new concept, but it provides similar benefits to energy storage allowing for enhanced reliability, efficiency and solar hosting capabilities.

Tagup saves money and reduces downtime on any industrial machine. Tagup identifies system failures before they occur by monitoring equipment in real time from anywhere.

Agricultural innovation using new crops on underproductive land.

Provides products that dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) drives in commercial transport vehicles.

Mico-generation ingenuity

Information about your transportation choices is displayed at a glance, live and in real-time.

T-REX's industry-leading platform provides solutions for valuation, risk analytics, structuring, and collaboration to facilitate liquidity in PACE ABS, solar project finance, and other esoteric asset classes.

Microalgae Products for Farmers

Biodegradable, super-absorbant polymers for agricultural applications.

Battery Management Software Provider

UtilityAPI is automating the process of authorizing, collecting, and cleaning electric utility data for third party companies, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in IT and Customer Service costs for utilities.

UtilityAPI is a utility api that automatically downloads bill and usage data from electric utilities.

Noise cancelling headphones for the distribution grid

Vartega is a technology development company specializing in the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic recycling process. We have developed alternative technology, processes, and equipment to provide low-cost carbon fiber for use in mass market applications.

Leveraging geothermal energy for low cost atmospheric water production.

Verdigris Technologies provides smart sensors backed by artificial intelligence in the cloud to detect events and equipment.

Using a combination of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and causal analytics, Via Science is changing the way utilities think about predictive maintenance, plant operations, and grid recovery and restoration.

Viking Cold Solutions is a thermal energy management company focused on making the world's cold storage systems smarter and more efficient.

Leveraging the founders’ extensive backgrounds in computer and network security solutions.

Voltaiq provides companies with insight into battery performance allowing them to get products to market faster and ensuring reliability in the field.

Voltaiq is a full-lifecycle SaaS informatics and analytics platform for energy storage and mobile power.

Walking Point Farms produces Biochar-based seed coatings and soil amendments.

Waste2Watergy’s microbial fuel cell cleans wastewater while generating energy.

Water Canary is a real-time water quality data provider.

Water Lens is a patented and patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site.

WaterSmart Software offers intelligence beyond the meter through an innovative customer engagement portal and data analytics platform for water utilities.

WaterSource Technologies is solely dedicated to the conservation of the most precious resource on earth – our water.

A breakthrough co-generation system for your home providing electricity, heat, hot water and air conditioning from a single high-efficiency solar thermal panel, backed up by natural gas.

Wetzel Engineering manufactures advanced-technology wind turbine blades as replacement blades for rapidly aging utility-scale wind turbines.

DIY Energy monitoring platform. Acquired by Earth Networks.

Bridging today’s traffic signals to tomorrow’s connected and autonomous future.

ZERE converts biomass waste into renewable energy without emissions.