Elemental Excelerator

  • Program Description: Elemental Excelerator finds 12-15 companies that best fit its mission, and funds each company up to $1M to improve systems that impact people‚Äôs lives: energy, water, agriculture, and transportation.
  • Technology Sectors Supported: Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, Information & Communication Tech, Power Generation, Smart Grid, Transportation & Mobility, Waste, Water
  • Portfolio Companies: View portfolio companies
  • Stage of Company Served: Prototyping, Testing/Certification
  • Requirements: Elemental Excelerator takes a place-based approach to changing communities, with the belief that communities are the most impactful scale at which to effect change. Elemental Excelerator selects cohorts of complementary companies who, collectively, can transform communities across Hawaii, the Asia Pacific, and California.
  • Cost/Fees for Services/Equity Stake: Elemental Excelerator funds each company up to $1M, companies contribute 1%-6% equity to the Elemental Excelerator to pay it forward to future entrepreneurs. Elemental Excelerator is structured as a non-profit organization that awards grant funding, with an associated venture fund called EEx Fund One.
  • Program Length: 8 month for go-to market track ($75k); 12-18 months for the demonstration track (up to $1M for project deployment) with 50/50 project cost share required from customers or investors.
Elemental Excelerator
Member of the Incubatenergy Network


Dawn Lippert
1000 Bishop St. #505
Honolulu , HI 96813

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