Smart Grid Cluster

  • Program Description: The Smart Grid Cluster supports economic growth for companies building the future of energy and the grid. We offer a combination of business, technical and financing support services that leverage the Illinois region’s robust corporate and research assets, and drive the continual economic growth of the energy innovation ecosystem.
  • Technology Sectors Supported: Chemicals & Advanced Materials, Distributed Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, Other, Power Generation, Transportation & Mobility
  • Geography Served: Midwest region
  • Stage of Company Served: Early Stage - Idea/Proof of Concept, Funding/Sales, Prototyping, Testing/Certification
  • Program Tenure: 10 years
  • Requirements: Onboarding managed by Energy Foundary
  • Cost/Fees for Services/Equity Stake: free for startups to participate, highly selective
  • Program Length: informal
Smart Grid Cluster


18 South Michigan, 12th floor
Chicago , IL 60603

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