• Program Description: InnoEnergy works to achieve a sustainable energy future for Europe. Innovation is the answer. New ideas, products and solutions that make a real difference, new businesses and new people to deliver them to market. They support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to customers. With their network of partners they build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, entrepreneurs and markets, graduates and employers, researchers and businesses. InnoEnergy works in three essential areas of the innovation mix: 1) Education to help create an informed and ambitious workforce that understands what sustainability demands and industry needs – for the future of the industry, 2) Innovation Projects to bring together ideas, inventors and industry in collaboration to enable commercially viable products and services that deliver real results, and 3) Business Creation Services to help entrepreneurs and start-ups who are creating sustainable businesses to grow rapidly to contribute to Europe’s energy ecosystem. Together, their work connects the building blocks for the sustainable energy industry that Europe needs.
  • Technology Sectors Supported: Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Green Buildings, Other, Smart Grid
  • Geography Served: Europe. Offices in Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Grenoble (France), Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Berlin (Germany), Krakow (Poland), Eindhoven, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels and Gent (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden)


Cheryl Fragiadakis
Kennispoort, John F. Kennedylaan 2
5612 AB Eindhoven, The Netherlands