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I-Corps Energy and Transportation

I-Corps Energy and Transportation is a commercialization training program for energy and transportation university researchers and nascent startups. Developed in partnership with the University of Michigan and modeled after the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program, I-Corps Energy and Transportation teaches researchers how to validate hypotheses about the value of their technology through customer discovery. Participating teams walk away with a refined target customer segment and value proposition, as well as a strawman commercialization plan. In the 2015 program, 85% of participants added 20+ industry contacts to their network, 15% of participants plan to license their technology to industry in the next three years, and 45% of participants plan on spinning out a new company in the next three years.


NextEnergy works with the most promising energy and transportation technology startups, established small companies, and university researchers to accelerate their technology and business development. Primarily focused on supporting Michigan companies, the NextEnergy team assesses each company to identify their primary needs and constraints and match those with NextEnergy’s services, resources, and staff expertise. In addition to business consulting, technology demonstration/testing, and fundraising services, NextEnergy has low-cost lab and office space available for lease to startups, as well as specific acceleration programs such as NextChallenge and I-Corps Energy and Transportation. In the past year, NextEnergy has helped its clients raise over $25 million in private, federal, and state investment. Sign up for NextEnergy’s famed Funding Opportunities Blog here!

NextEnergy Center

NextEnergy’s facilities feature approximately 18,500 square feet of laboratory space for lease based on availability. High-bay lab space in eight labs. Available for lease to companies, both large and small. Wet labs. Electrical and mechanical labs.NextEnergy’s leasable facilities feature one of the first microgrid research pavilions in the nation.